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AP Automation

How to Stay Productive While WFH

by Yooz U.S. Editorial Staff on 08.18.2020


Close your Zoom window for a moment and think: Do you really need to be in your office to approve invoices? If your organization has set up an accounts payable automation system enabling the Accounts Payable team to work from home, the honest answer is no. And that’s not an abstract thought experiment since many offices across the U.S. are still shuttered and will remain so for potentially many months to come.  

In fact, the big tech companies such as Google are setting an important precedent by extending their WFH policies [1] and telling their staff to not come back to the office until at least next summer, if not longer. Depending on an organization's technical preparedness, such a decision can have repercussions not just for employees and their families, but also for things like the company’s cash position and relationships with vendors and partners. In order to ensure business continuity, having a digital workflow in place can be a game changer.



Most AP teams work from home, but can they really work from home?


According to numbers gathered by AP Now, 84 percent of AP teams are already working from home or will start to establish a work from home (WFH) process. It might not be a voluntary decision given the ongoing pandemic, but it warrants a closer look at how a company can make this shift as seamless and productive as possible.  

With no one in the back office to take care of invoices, expense reports and payments, delays, late fees and other problems may seem inevitable. Unless you start “Yoozing". Meaning, give Yooz a try to enjoy the almost instant benefits of a state-of-the-art cloud platform that’s ideally suited for any remote or WFH scenario. 

To be precise, there are at least five ways in which cloud-based AP automation keeps your back office up and running even when employees can’t be there. Invoices will keep coming in, and Yooz will make sure they reach the right people to get paid.  


1. No manual tasks


Our smart data extraction technology powered by machine learning algorithms performs automated GL coding and PO matching, eliminating most if not all of the menial tasks like manual data entry that bog staff down. 

2. Faster approvals


Yooz ensures timely payment of invoices by digitally routing invoices for approval, using dynamic workflows that can be tailored to the organization’s needs or situation changes. That way, you are able to automate the entire purchase-to-pay process. 

3. Real-time visibility


Gain real-time visibility into each step of your AP workflow and stop hunting for documents. Finance leaders have access to the key metrics they need to help their organization optimize cash flow, manage vendor relationships and ultimately grow the business. 

4. Easiest deployment


Cloud-based AP automation by Yooz can be deployed without a large upfront capital expense, complicated hardware and software installation, or a tricky network integration. You turn it on and let Yooz go to work in a matter of hours. 

5. Ironclad security


Yooz incorporates the highest level of security, including strong user authentication, role- and user-based permissions, automatic detection of inconsistent data and duplicates, separation of duties, logging of all activities performed in the system, and storing readily available audit information.



Mobile access makes Accounts Payable work from home a snap!


We know, WFH can mean different things to different people. No problem if it includes being out and about in the yard, in the park, on the road or somewhere else far away from the usual desk. Yooz comes with an app that’s always at the disposal of the AP team, making AP Automation as easy (and almost as fun, we might add) as any regular smartphone experience. Users with the right role and permission can perform all functions right from their device: viewing and approving any invoice, addressing exceptions, and initiating payments.   With Yooz, there’s simply no excuse why Accounts Payable teams couldn’t -- or shouldn’t want to -- work from home.   



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