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How A Thriving Homegrown E-Commerce Company Achieved AP Automation Success

by Shawn Delaney on 10.11.2018


Bridgevine is a homegrown commerce platform specifically designed to support subscription services sales online or in a sales center. In 2014 Bridgevine merged with Acceller to create the leading customer acquisition and retention platform. The now combined company aids enterprises in acquiring and retaining consumers in recurring revenue businesses for the nation's largest brands in home entertainment, communications, energy, and home security.


Bridgevine’s SaaS solutions provide unique technology, marketing, and distribution capabilities that enable enterprises to optimize customer acquisition across all relevant channels including online, mobile, social media and physical environments such as call centers or kiosks. The proprietary omni-channel ecommerce platform also enables partners to upsell and cross-sell the right products to their customer bases; increasing retention, decreasing costs, and enhancing the customer experience.


Prior to 2014, our manual AP workflow proved more and more challenging as the company grew, and after the merger with Acceller, the volume of invoice processing became very difficult to manage. It was daunting trying to track documents at every point in the routing, approval, and payment process due to the disconnect between manually entering invoices, approval, and payment. We often scrambled to make payments on time, not really knowing where to find invoices, and there were certainly no opportunities to capture early payment discounts.


I had investigated invoice payment processing (AP) automation back in the 90s—that’s how long it’s been around—and at the time solutions were not only scarce, but the ones I did find were not nearly as robust as they are today, particularly when it comes to optimal character recognition (OCR).  


After considering several other providers in the Sage Intacct Marketplace, Yooz was the one that stood out, offering:

  1. Competitive pricing, with no added costs for unnecessary features.
  2. The fastest document time to scan, read, and import data—thanks to intelligent document recognition and robust OCR.
  3. A “smart” ability to learn and correct errors—A.I. at work!


When we showed our CFO how many of our pain points that Yooz would solve for, he approved it on the spot. He loves the post-routing feature, feels like he has more control over the invoice payment process, and is impressed with the seamless integration between Intacct and Yooz.


We had a lot of support from Yooz; a subject matter expert worked with our finance team at Bridgevine to implement the system in one to two weeks. And the cloud-based platform made it easy! There was minimal involvement from the internal IT department and no need for external resources, which saved the company money.


There are several benefits the company continues to enjoy with the Yooz solution. Overall, the AP workflow is now connected end-to-end, seamlessly integrated with our Intacct ERP. Documents are stored securely in the cloud yet easily accessible.


Perhaps one of our greater benefits is increased employee satisfaction. Overall, they are more organized, have eliminated stress, and feel like they are actually contributing to our company’s success.


It’s all consistent with the Yooz tagline: Easy. Powerful. Smart.