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The Time To Bring AI Into The AP Process Is Now

by Yooz on 07.15.2020


Yooz's COO and CIO, Laurent Charpentier, gives valuable insight on the impact and importance of incorporating AI into your P2P process in his blog contribution to FEI Daily.


DALLAS, Tex. – June 29, 2020 Yooz COO and Chief Innovation Officer, Laurent Charpentier, shares his expertise on the impact of AI in accounts payable in a blog contribution to FEI. The article highlights the fast rise of AI tools in back office functions for businesses seeking to maintain authority with in their industry in the new digital age. Charpentier gives further insight on how to make the most of your AI system with machine-learning, and the benefits that will help your business effectively process invoices and other parts of your work. The article emphasizes that the incorporation of AI into the P2P process is “an organization’s best insurance policy to stay competitive."


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