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  • Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® showcases Yooz Inc as the leading AP automation solution for your business

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In the News

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® showcases Yooz Inc as the leading AP automation solution for your business

by Yooz on 08.13.2020

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Business finance departments are turning to AP automation now more than ever. 

DALLAS, Tex. August 13, 2020 - Yooz Inc.’s COO and CIO, Laurent Charpentier, shared how utilizing Yooz Inc’s technologies is key to the productivity of businesses’ Purchase-to-Pay process during his interview with Kathy Ireland on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® 

"Yooz is a cloud-based, purchase-to-pay and accounts payable automation solution so we've tried to build a unique platform that combines smart technologies leveraging artificial intelligence with a lot of features and a great ease of use." Laurent Charpentier, COO and CIO at Yooz Inc., said and provided deeper insights by adding, "So if you think about the processes, you know, vendors are sending invoices to organizations via paper, via email etcetera, the first thing is how to capture those and Yooz streamlines and automates that. Then we have a smart data extraction that harvests all the data off of the invoice and essentially auto-completes the key information in our system essentially eliminating the manual data entry that's such a big pain point for a lot of organizations today... this is kind of the high level overview but it really streamlines and makes the whole process digital with now a full visibility into it."


For the last 10 years, Yooz has helped thousands of clients save time and money through automating their AP process. Initially, many businesses' finance department are unaware of the true costs of writing a check and manually delivering invoices from department to department leaving them vulnerable to damaging or losing invoices. Those were two of the pain points that led Patsy Price, Director of Operations at Peterson Auto Group, to Yooz.


"Sometimes it's hard to quantify what a payment is. How much does it cost you to write a check? How much does it cost you to process and invoice? By the time we got through it when you get and you have to manually key it in and then take it over and get it approved and maybe get coffee spilled on it, maybe get it back, maybe not get it back and then take that invoice, put it through your system and then write a check for it, attach that check and then again take those checks out to the unlucky person who has to sit and sign a box full of checks and then you have to take that invoice after that process, mail it out to that customer for the payment on the check and then file that invoice," Patsy Price said.


Fortunately, those pain points were solved for Patsy Price by Yooz's solution. "So , there are so many manual steps that go through that, Yooz takes that all away. So, what we equate that to for us just in time alone is about $35K a year and that's significant."


It's clear that Yooz is making a significant impact in the cloud-based AP automation industry and for their diverse clientele. The company is rapidly expanding, and the future looks bright for Yooz. It's no surprise that before ending the interview, Kathy Ireland asks Laurent Charpentier what the future holds for Yooz.


Laurent had this to say, "From a product standpoint, our goal is to continue enhancing the platform with unique technologies to bring even more benefits to our customers. I'm pretty excited because in 2020 we're going to release a new user experience that will be more modern and even more collaborative. And you know the final thing I'd like to mention, innovation is really part of our DNA at Yooz and we have a lot of very interesting research projects in progress on how to better leverage artificial intelligence or machine learning, and I'm very excited about what this will bring to the product in the future years."


Watch the full interview


About Yooz


Yooz Inc. is the smartest, most powerful, easiest-to-use cloud-based purchase-to-pay (P2P) solution that solves for today's finance professionals' top AP workflow challenges by providing a simple, secure, end-to-end P2P platform that integrates with more than 250 ERPs. It provides unmatched savings for businesses utilizing its state-of-the-art technologies and enhances their productivity by reducing cycle time to hours. Yooz North America is based in Dallas, Texas with international offices in France and the United Kingdom. For more information, please visit https://www.getyooz.com/.