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Yooz Awards

Yooz Redefining Standards of AP Automation

by Yooz on 07.16.2021

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Leader in Purchase-to-pay software named company of the year by CFO Tech Outlook 


DALLAS, Tx. July 2021. Yooz, the leading purchase-to-pay (P2P) software provider, has been named company of the year by CFO Tech Outlook magazine for its continued success in redefining the standards of AP automation. 


The magazine writes in its July issue that the Dallas-based company has the unmatched technology, expertise and dedicated customer support team to “revolutionize the AP industry in years to come.” The editors chose Yooz as CFO Tech Outlook company of the year because “Yooz is an unrivaled solution made for modern accounting and finance leaders striving for excellence and driven by a shared performance-driven ambition.” 


Yooz took top honors for several reasons. Driven by the pandemic, all CFOs and COOs had to re-examine their strategies beyond remote work, shifting their focus to keeping money flowing and protecting their organization’s financial health. Cloud-based AP automation is the perfect solution when accounts payable is no longer treated as a back-office function. As CFO Tech Outlook writes, Yooz offers “significant cost savings by eliminating manual tasks but also helps seamlessly manage invoices, workflows, and spend management metrics remotely and securely.” 


The award recognizes the sustained investments in developing leading technologies such as real-time AI, deep learning and robotic process automation (RPA) to deliver unmatched savings, speed and security with affordable zero-risk subscriptions to more than 4,000 customers and 200,000 users worldwide. “Since its inception in 2009, the firm has been providing the smartest, most powerful, and easiest-to-use Purchase-to-Pay automation solution,” the editors write. That includes seamless integration with more than 250 financial systems. 


The magazine also applauds the emphasis Yooz puts on customer service to have a customized AP automation workflow up and running in minimum time: “The incredible support team at Yooz assists clients in each step.” Finally, CFO Tech Outlook recognizes the R&D efforts by Yooz to help its clients automate a wide variety of processes beyond invoices, including payment processing, collaboration, and budgeting all within one intuitive platform.   


“Being honored as company of the year is a privilege and an encouragement to all of us at Yooz to constantly improve the best and smartest Purchase-to-Pay automation solution on the market. We are proud that we enable finance professionals to save time and reallocate resources for more value-added tasks. With Yooz, they can generate exceptional ROI,” said Laurent Charpentier, COO, and CIO of Yooz North America. 


About Yooz:


Yooz provides the smartest, most powerful and easiest-to-use cloud-based Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) automation solution. It delivers unmatched savings, speed and security with affordable zero-risk subscriptions to more than 4,000 customers and 200,000 users worldwide.


Yooz's unique solution leverages Artificial Intelligence and RPA technologies to deliver an amazing level of automation with extreme simplicity, traceability and end-to-end customizable features. It integrates seamlessly with more than 250 financial systems, exceeding any other solution on the market.



Alexis Diehl