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Yooz vs. The Other Guys: A Competitive Comparison, Part 1

by Melissa Hendrick, VP Marketing on 08.25.2019


Yooz is the most awarded AP automation solution provider for innovations in finance, technology, cloud and SaaS (software-as-a-solution), and we don’t mind bragging about it! We also want you to have a clear picture of how Yooz compares to other providers in price, customer support, and smart technologies. While “the other guys” might appear to be similar—you might want to take a closer look.  


One Price. A Complete Solution. 

Yooz customers consistently tell us that in comparison to the other guys our no-risk, customized pricing structure beats them all. We offer a subscription pricing structure that is customized to provide everything you need, and you never pay for features you don’t. Or worse, additional features you do need but aren’t included, forcing you to add on additional software that may or may not integrate seamlessly.


With Yooz, as your business grows, the platform scales with it. No hidden pricing. No nickel-and-diming. No paying for additional software that has to be bolted on to make it work. Every bell and whistle is already included in our multi-award-winning solution.


Listen to their words, not ours. Jason Kleve, controller from Transwest—a Denver premier truck and auto dealer group—tells us, With other solutions there was one base service, like data storage for example, and then the provider had to bolt on other softwares. Each additional software came with its own licenses, implementations, and additional costs. We almost gave up that we could find a complete solution…until Yooz!”


Ongoing Support: Turning Customers Into Yooz Champions


At Yooz, our service doesn’t stop with the sale. We’re with you every step of the AP automation journey—before, during and after! We consistently score 4.5 out of 5 on customer satisfaction surveys and review sites because we listen to our customers, we pay attention, and we respond quickly.


One of the unique ways Yooz listens to our customers is through our monthly client exclusive Yooz Insider, a live monthly Q&A webinar featuring our chief innovation officer and COO, Laurent Charpentier, where you can ask any question about the platform as well as get insider tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the Yooz solution.


And on a daily basis, tune into the client exclusive Linkedin Users discussion group, where you get relevant information, access to tools and resouces, and the opportunity to collaborate with other “Yoozers” in your peer group.


We also want to share our clients’ successes, telling their stories and highlighting their companies through published success stories, featured guests on educational webinars, and co-presenters at industry conferences. (Learn from our clients when you download any or all of our client success stories.)


Patsy Price, Peterson Auto Group director of operations says, “Yooz was the only provider who offered a complete end-to-end solution, seamlessly integrated with CDK DMS. I can’t tell you how much easier our lives and operations are here at Peterson because of the Yooz solution. We’re happy to continue to share our story and hope it will help other companies and leaders as they transition from a manual to automated AP workflow.”


In Part 2  of this blog series, we’ll show you how Yooz stacks up against other invoice processing providers by leveraging advanced technologies for a complete end-to-end solution.