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Current Job Offers

Life at Yooz

  • Software is developed to solve business challenges. While technology providers have rallied to bring more efficiency to most areas of a business, via software, Accounts Payable (AP) processes have been highly ignored.
  • Bottom line, most mid-size organizations pay their glut of invoices no different than they did 30 years ago. Lots of paper, a room full of people, manual opening and review of each envelope, the painstaking monotony of typing invoice data into accounting systems, and then chasing down Joe or Sue to approve payment (yuck).
  • Yooz has applied the latest in innovative cloud technologies to tackle that age-old challenge and bring maximum financial and process efficiencies to our customer’s AP process. Yooz is modern AP built on innovative AI technologies.
yooz accounts payable automation

Yooz is serious about changing the face of AP Automation

But we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re looking for dreamers and doers, wanting to be part of a team that works hard, fast and cleverly to keep Yooz growing at rocket speeds. Yooz is an exciting place to work, with an award¬winning company culture and a clear mission to be the world’s leading cloud AP Automation for the Fortune 5.000.000 and their best business-pains killer.

We are an international SaaS company

In case you haven’t heard of Yooz, we are replacing manual paper-based cumbersome tasks with smooth and automated processes using amazingly beautiful and simple software in the Cloud.
Today, more than 20,000 users around the globe love to “Yooz” their documents.
They love it because it’s so simple, they love it because it’s so automated.

yooz accounts payable automation

Our mission: reduce costs and cut delays

Our mission consists in transforming our client’s manual costly processes into automated digital data flows that reduce costs, cut delays and generate significant profits. We enable our Fortune 5.000.000 clients to unleash their innovative potential by redeploying critical resources where it matters the most. We make their jobs much easier.
In order to achieve this, we have created a very unique cloud-based solution, we gather the best minds and talents (you…) and we keep innovating and challenging the status quo as well as ourselves.

yooz accounts payable automation

Who should I be?

You are an innovation-minded high energy talent, excited for achieving our goals and ambitions, sharing a strong willingness to contribute and serve internally as well as externally our clients and partners. And you also are passionate about making a difference in an organization and making customers say “Wow!”. Please apply!
We are not an ordinary company, so we don’t expect you to be either. Be your best self and utilize all your talents, not just the ones written in your job description. We don’t want you to leave your personality at the door. Yooz is made up of exceptional people, who dress, act and live their full selves at work. They enjoy morning “croissants”, ping-pong, coffee breaks, gym room, swimming pool, celebrations and more, and they stay fit and well-balanced. We work hard but also have a lot of fun while we’re at it!

yooz accounts payable automation

What can I expect from Yooz?

We will create a strong cohesiveness, give you the ability to reach your full potential and share the value we create.
We will offer you a career-making opportunity in a leading team, a way to make a dent in the world supported by people that care about both your winning and your welfare.
You will also have the opportunity to keep learning and keep growing in an international company big enough for growth and lean enough to get things done at start-up speed.
We have an open culture where we openly share our results and where your input is truly valued. We know you have a life outside of work, and work-life balance is important. At Yooz, you can have a life inside work too.

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