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Customer Integration Developer

We are seeking Customer Integration Developer to propel Yooz’s rapid global growth.

Dallas, TX

Published on May 24, 2021

If you’re intrigued by innovation, love the art of delivering excellence to customers, and are inspired by a work hard / play hard team environment – keep on reading!

Software is developed to solve business challenges. While technology providers have rallied to bring more efficiency to most areas of a business, via software, Accounts Payable (AP) processes have been highly ignored. Bottom line, most mid-size organizations pay their glut of invoices no different than they did 30 years ago. Lots of paper, a room full of people, manual opening and review of each envelope, the painstaking monotony of typing invoice data into accounting systems, and then chasing down Joe or Sue to approve payment (yuck). Yooz has applied the latest in innovative cloud technologies to tackle that age-old challenge and bring maximum financial and process efficiencies to our customer’s AP process. Yooz is modern AP built on innovative AI technologies.

  • Your Mission

    The Customer Integration Developer is essential in making sure our customers are properly onboarded and activated on the Yooz AP automation platform and helps driving customer adoption and success. The primary role of the Customer Integration Developer is to develop, adapt and maintain system integrations and custom features to meet clients’ requirements that cannot be addressed via the standard settings of the Yooz AP automation platform. It is the responsibility of the Customer Integration Developer to guarantee that the Yooz AP automation service can be effectively implemented to support achievement of a company’s Accounts Payable strategic business goals. You will assist with pre-sales and post-sales for customers with significant levels of complexity. You will oversee technical designs, developments, adjustments, tests and documentations of new integrations or customizations. You will build and maintain strong working relationships with customer facing personnel in the Sales, Services, Marketing and Product Management teams as well as with customers directly.

    You will serve as an escalation point for issues that needs developers’ skills and that impact the customer’s success in relationship with the Customer Success Team and the R&D Team.

    Please apply if you are passionate about making a difference in an organization and making customers say Wow!

  • Your Responsibilities
    • Development

      • Solve fun and complex problems with your development skills, work closely with the Customer Success Team and the R&D Team to build and deliver new system integrations or customizations to meet clients’ requirements that cannot be addressed via the standard settings of the Yooz AP automation platform.
      • Understand and analyze customers’ needs to scope and implement technical requirements with limited guidance.
      • Develop or adapt /TypeScript/Groovy scripts, SQL/Postgres scripts or reports.
      • Evaluate and test code to ensure that it is valid, is properly structured, meets industry standards and is compatible with browsers, devices, or operating systems.
      • Provide a reference for use of software by writing and maintaining user documentation maintaining a help desk.
      • Working closely with teams to continuously identify ways to improve the customer's experience with the Yooz products.
      • Contribute to roadmap by leveraging technical knowledge to help prioritize objectives for the team, contribute to team meetings with appropriate content, views, and suggestions.
    • Customer Onboarding/Support

      • Assume the responsibility of Pre- sales and Post-sales for customers with significant levels of complexity.
      • Configure the customer’s application in accordance with the requirements (workflows, ERP integration, scripting) to aid in the delivery of the customer requirements.
      • Identify problems uncovered by testing or customer feedback, and correct problems or refer problems to appropriate personnel for correction.
      • Support customers after go-live to create satisfied and referenceable customers and ensure 100% retention.
      • Reports on the status, issues, key activities, and any changes to the overall project.
      • Contribute to team meetings with appropriate content, views, and suggestions.
      • Use creativity to showcase best practices to the rest of the team.
      • Lead by example, with nothing being too detailed or hands-off.
  • Requirements
    • A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or the equivalent years in software development experience.
    • At least 3+ years of experience with software development within the SaaS implementation projects of significant scope and complexity with project teams consisting of several cross functional individuals.
    • Sufficient background to understand the technologies and technical issues involved with Yooz projects and to anticipate, identify, and manage resolutions of critical obstacles.
    • Highly experienced in system integration design (flat files, APIs).
    • Experience in Accounts Payable is a plus.
  • Skills
    • Knowledge of scripting language such as Typescript, Javascript, Groovy script or equivalent.
    • Hands-on experience with web services (HTTP, REST, OAuth, Json, XML, CSV).
    • Foundation in database language with PostgreSQL (9.6), Mysql (5.6), SQL Server.
    • Experience with Gitlab, Jenkins.
    • Excellent interpersonal, oral/written communication and organizational skills.
    • Proven ability to multi-task and establish priorities, analytical problem solver.
    • Business athlete and aggressive team player – hungry, nimble, and intelligent
    • Ability to work in a start-up mode: dynamic, fast growing, international.
    • Self-motivated, positive, proactive, and innovative style
    • French fluency is a plus.

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