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Customer Support Specialist

We are seeking Customer Support Specialists to propel Yooz’s rapid global growth.


Published March 6, 2020

If you’re intrigued by innovation, love the art of delivering excellence to customers, and are inspired by a work hard / play hard team environment – keep on reading!

We are seeking Customer Support Specialists to propel Yooz’s rapid global growth.  If you’re intrigued by innovation, love the art of delivering excellence to customers, and are inspired by a work hard / play hard team environment - keep on reading!


Software is developed to solve business challenges.  While technology providers have rallied to bring more efficiency to most areas of a business, via software, Accounts Payable (AP) processes have been highly ignored.  Bottom line, most mid-size organizations pay their glut of invoices no different than they did 30 years ago.  Lots of paper, a room full of people, manual opening and review of each envelope, the painstaking monotony of typing invoice data into accounting systems, and then chasing down Joe or Sue to approve payment (yuck).  Yooz has applied the latest in innovative cloud technologies to tackle that age-old challenge and bring maximum financial and process efficiencies to our customer’s AP process.  Yooz is modern AP built on innovative AI technologies.


The primary role of the Customer Support Specialist is to maintain the highest level of satisfaction with customers using the Yooz platform while solving their issues.  You’ll know you’re kicking butt in this role when you regularly exceed at customer satisfaction and are having a blast along the way. Please apply if you are passionate about making a difference in an organization and making customer’s say Wow!

  • Your Mission

    The Customer Support Specialist is frontline in making sure our customer remains satisfied after being onboarded and activated on the Yooz AP automation platform.  It is the responsibility of the Customer Support Specialist (CSS) to keep driving user adoption and success with the Yooz customers. You should possess strong functional knowledge, knowledge in business application deployment cycles, as well as account management expertise.


    You will build and maintain strong relationships with multiple contacts within the assigned customers including executive roles. You will be required to maintain strong working relationships with other customer facing personnel in the Sales, Services, Marketing and Product Management teams. 

    In close conjunction with our customers and Yooz global support management team, you will be responsible for supporting our American client base; ensuring contractual and technical obligations are met while maintaining a high level of client satisfaction. You will serve as an escalation point for issues that impacts the customer’s success.


    This role also includes an internal IT component to maintain and support Yooz Inc internal IT (hardware & software such as phone system, laptops, etc).

  • Your Responsibilities

    Customer Support

    • Understand common AP requirements and business cases as it applies to Yooz adoption.
    • Perform advanced analysis and diagnosis to understand technical issues and answer questions through email, phone, screen share calls or live chat.
    • Resolve technical problems which may require configuration and/or development (Groovy, SQL).
    • Ensure 100% retention by delivering stellar customer support after clients are live on the Yooz platform to create Yooz advocates.
    • Learn from customer interactions to help enhance customer experience.
    • Develop best practices, tips and training scripts for customers on proper use of program.
    • Identify early symptoms, patterns and solutions for upcoming technology challenges
    • Input relevant technical issues & enhancement requests into tracking software.
    • Assist with testing of future releases including enhancements and bug fixes.
    • Contribute to team meetings with appropriate content, views and suggestions.
    • Use creativity to showcase best practices to the rest of the team.
    • Lead by example, with nothing being too detailed or hands-off.
  • Requirements
    • A Bachelor’s degree is required.
    • Three plus years of experience as a support specialist in a SaaS company.
    • Sufficient background to understand the technologies and technical issues involved with Yooz platform and to anticipate, identify, and manage resolutions of critical obstacles.
    • Knowledge of Accounts Payable is a plus.
    • Development experience is a plus.
  • Skills
    • Knowledge of scripting language such as Javascript, Groovy or equivalent.
    • Knowledge of web services (HTTP, REST, OAuth, Json, XML, CSV).
    • Knowledge of SQL language.
    • Excellent interpersonal, oral/written communication and organizational skills.
    • Proven ability to conduct polished webinars/web conferences.
    • Proven ability to multi-task and establish priorities.
    • Business athlete and aggressive team player - hungry, nimble and intelligent.
    • Ability to work in a start-up mode: dynamic, fast growing, international.
    • Self-motivated, positive, proactive and innovative style.
    • French & Spanish fluency is a plus.

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