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Yooz Rising-Views from our experts. Presentation & development

by Yooz on 02.3.2021

interview yooz rising

Over 100,000 companies now automate their invoices every day with Yooz, considered as the most technologically advanced cloud-based Purchase-to-Pay automation software on the market. In this article Jean-Marc Pedreno, Chief Technical Officer at Yooz talks about Yooz Rising: the new groundbreaking user experience.

Why Yooz Rising?


Why Yooz Rising? The name came from the idea of “Rising from the Cloud”, which translates our goal of standing out with a Cloud solution that exceeds our users’ expectations and goes further than any other offering on the market.


The new features in Yooz Rising include:


  • A completely redesigned user interface to be even more intuitive, more complete, and totally customizable. Every user must be able to make it their own, adapt it according to their needs and work methods, and therefore improve their comfort and productivity.
  • New automatic data and document processing technologies that further improve recognition and automation in invoice processing , but which now go far beyond that, identifying absolutely any type of document, including HR documents, contracts, leases, administrative forms and more.
  • A completely redesigned workflow engine based on the BPMN 2.0 process modeling standard, which introduces great flexibility and scalability while continuing to offer a simple graphical modeling interface. New business features make it easier for companies to communicate with their existing information systems, manage taxes and ledgers, and measure progression in their efficiency thanks to graphical performance indicators.


How Yooz Rising is born?


We were able to launch Yooz Rising because our research and development team has been working with Europe’s leading research laboratories for the past several decades on all topics related to data and image analysis, automated document processing, and leveraging artificial intelligence technologies (data and text mining, Big Data, neuron networks, Deep Learning, machine learning, expert systems, etc.).


Over the years, we have developed our ability to move from the creative phase to innovation, delivering ideas that become both ground-breaking features in our products and tremendous sources of productivity gains for our customers.


Yooz Rising redefines the standards of AP Automation to automate, facilitate, and secure operations for finance and accounting departments.


This is even more true today, especially with the current health crisis, where AP Automation solutions in general and SaaS solutions in particular, help equip companies with adapted tools for remote work as well as shared and decentralized processing. Our clients can therefore continue to place orders, follow up with suppliers, validate deliveries, approve invoices, and authorize payment in real-time from their home or office using any computer or smartphone with an Internet connection. It’s all fast, easy, and reliable.


We are proud to assist finance departments with this digital transition, contributing to making their lives easier and helping them be more efficient with today's new norms.


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