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Yooz's New Global Partnership with Microsoft

by Yooz on 12.13.2019


Yooz, the purchase-to-pay (P2P) software provider, today announced a new global partnership with Microsoft. The collaboration combines Yooz’s paperless accounts payable systems with the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to enable companies to use an efficient and secure solution and automate their accounting processes.


Through this partnership, Yooz and Microsoft will increase the business value of companies’ Finance, Accounts and Purchasing Departments by meeting the need for automation, fluidisation, speed and legal compliance in the accounts payable process.


Yooz makes it possible to capture invoices (in paper or electronic form), ensuring they are automatically recognised and that the information they contain is recorded for accounting and analytical purposes. The solution also manages the associated approval and electronic payment processes, integrating into over 200 accounting and ERP software programs worldwide, most notably Microsoft Dynamics.


By building on the robustness and flexibility of the cloud Azure platform, Yooz is offering a comprehensive solution that can provide concrete benefits to professionals working in accounts, finance and purchasing. These include eliminating the risk of document loss, standardising document collection, significantly reducing data-entry time for invoices (this is halved) as well as approval timeframes, in addition to allowing users to securely access and share all digital documents in real time while ensuring that processes are legally compliant and fully traceable.


It also provides companies and accountants with a highly pragmatic solution through which they can achieve their digital transformation based on 3 main levers:


  • a drastic increase in administrative productivity,
  • improved worker engagement and loyalty with employees enjoying a better working experience,
  • lasting confidence in digitalised processes and secure and compliant data.


By combining our expertise, we hope to offer a unique customer experience with a solution that is in perfect alignment with the main requirements of finance professionals as regards supplier accounts: reactivity, performance, flexibility and security.


Creating the environment of trust and performance expected by companies and professional accountants, the partnership uniting Yooz and Microsoft is a major factor in the accelerated digital transformation of organisations, supported by AI and the Cloud. At every level of our organisation, every Yooz employee is proud to depend on this solid and sustainable collaboration to better serve our clients and our ecosystem”.

François Lacas, Deputy Chief Operations Officer, Yooz


"The digital transformation of companies is at the heart of the Microsoft mission. Whatever their size, our ambition is to provide them with solutions that are ever more innovative and effective on a daily basis. Our partnership with Yooz is fully in keeping with this ambition and we are delighted to be able too make their offer available to all of our SME and partner clients”.

Jérôme Barrier, Small, Medium and Corporate Lead, Microsoft France


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