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Myth Busting: 10 AP Automation Truths Revealed

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Don't miss these 10 AP Automation truths revealed with Yooz!

According to Ardent Partners latest study 70% of mid-market enterprises have prioritized AP automation in 2022, a 48% increase from the previous year in the appreciation for the value of Accounts Payable.   

So why are so many companies still hesitant to digitally transform their entire invoice and payment process with automation?

Because there are several outdated myths about AP automation that organizations still falsely believe! 

Join Shelsea Adrian, Product Evangelist @ Yooz as she shares real case studies to bust all the prejudices and objections you have with AP automation and make it clear why it’s now time to digitally transform your invoice and payment process with the right AP automation solution. 



  • What’s stopping you from automating your AP processes?
  • 10 AP Automation Myths Busted
  • How to Find an AP Automation Solution that Defies all Myths
  • Q&A
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