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Automation Technology that Makes a Critical Difference in the AP Process

About the Webinar

When it comes to investing in automation for Accounting and Finance the difference between 79% automated and 80% automated may seem small but that 1% is a critical difference when it comes to the productivity earnings, risk reduction, and cost savings you can gain when it comes to your purchase-to-pay process.


You will see the biggest difference when you select a unique combination of the most advanced technologies powering 4 key milestones of the automation process: 

  • - Invoice captur
  • - Invoice recognition 
  • - Invoice workflow 
  • - Invoice payment 

Set your organization up for success, go beyond the buzzwords, and let us clarify the how critical the right combination of advanced technologies can bring your AP process in this 1-hour webinar.



  • Advanced Technology Powering AP Automation is Critical for Succes
  • Automation Tech in Invoice Capture
  • Automation Tech in Invoice Recognition
  • Automation Tech in Invoice Workflow
  • Automation Tech in Invoice Payment
  • Unique Combination of Advanced Tech a Must for best results
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