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The most advanced AI technologies applied to finance from Microsoft & Yooz

About the webinar

Take advantage of unmatched savings, speed and security thanks to the most advanced AI technologies from Microsoft and Yooz!

Did you know that highly automated companies are 6x more likely to see revenue growth of 15%!*  


Watch our webinar, in collaboration with Microsoft and Corefocus, to discover how to leverage Artificial Intelligence in order to maximise your financial performance and revolutionise your AP processes!   


Get ready to:    

  • Improve accuracy and efficiency   
  • Make better strategic decisions   
  • Remove the need for tedious manual data entry   

artificial intelligence for accounting brain


  • Spotlight on Microsoft: Transforming accounting processes with AI and Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Diving deeper into AI in AP with Yooz
  • Real life success stories from your peers with Corefocus
  • Yooz Demo
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