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Building Resilient ​Cash Flow Management with AP Automation, in association with CIMA

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About the webinar

Fight off unstable cash flow - AP automation saves the day!

Dan French, CEO at Consider Solutions and Automation expert, Shelsea Adrian, lead this power-packed session diving into the world of automation in finance. Learn how AP automation can fight off poorly managed cash flow so your business can soar in unstable times.


Watch our webinar where we'll go through the common challenges of managing cash flow, how to optimise working capital with AP automation, the importance of leveraging supplier relationships, and how to be a hero for your business by increasing visibility throughout the financial process.  


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In this webinar:

  • Cash flow challenges & Trends
  • Keys to strategic cash flow management
  • Benefits of optimising working capital with AP automation
  • Demo
  • Q&A
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