On-Demand Flash Demo for Hospitality professionals

P2P Automation: Take a 30 min break to see how Yooz can solve your main invoicing processes painpoints - Trusted by Marriott, Novotel, Five Guys, Big Mamma and many more!

About the demo

Achieve the fastest invoice processing with the most advanced Accounts Payable automation solution.

In this 30 min Flash Demo you will learn how to automate in an easy, fast and simple way, the accounting processing of supplier invoices adapted to the needs and demands of the Hospitality and F&B sector.


We will feature:

  • The companies that are already automating their P2P tasks
  • How to manage multiste invoices thanks to our Cloud-based solution.
  • How Yooz automatically reconciles POs with invoices with no human intervention
  • The highest level of automation with completely paperless Accounts Payable.

  • Our Budget Management Feature to completely eradicate overspend

  • Invoice validation through Smart Workflows and a Mobile App

  • Unrivalled user-friendly experience for the easiest onboarding of new users.

  • Native integration with over 250 ERPs.

Grab a coffee ☕ and join us to get a glimpse of how you can quickly and easily automate the processing of your invoices from purchase to checkout and reduce your processing costs by 80%.


No one does it like Yooz! See the difference for yourself.



  • The Main Invoicing Painpoints in Hospitality and F&B
  • The risks of keeping your manual AP processes. 
  • How Yooz automates your entire P2P process with IA and machine learning granting you real-time visibility on your spend, traceability and allowing you to optimise and leverage your supplier relationship.
  • Demo of Yooz.
  • Top Yooz Product Features for Hospitality and F&B professionals
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