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Webinar Replay

Why the Smart Data Extraction in Yooz is Much More Powerful than Standard OCR for AP Automation

About the Webinar

All you need to know about the power of the Smart Data Extraction

Basic Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software captures the information on vendors' invoices. However, as a financial leader, your needs of automation are much higher:

  • Automate the split and classification of any type of documents,

  • Automate the two-way, three-way matching

  • Accelerate and automate the approval and payment processes,

  • Detect and prevent errors and fraud.

  • Automate data integration in your ERP.

Watch this demo of Yooz, the easiest and most advanced P2P automation software, to find out about the unique combination of AI-powered technologies of true Smart Data Extraction software that allow you to completely automate your AP process from the purchase request to the payment in one user friendly solution. 


See for yourself how you could drastically reduce your processing time and costs with the last generation technologies.



  • The new OCR generation is here
  • Digitalization is not enough anymore, is time to embrace automation
  • Invoice automation with AI
  • Demo of Yooz
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