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Automating the P2P cycle: A practical guide to a successful 3-step project

About the webinar

In this exclusive webinar in partnership with ACCA, Shelsea Adrian, recognised expert in invoice digitalisation at Yooz, guides you through the three key steps to successfully automating your Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process. 

Discover how to transform your invoice and purchasing management into a fluid digital process, reducing errors, improving efficiency and optimising processing times... quickly and easily.   


We’ll be discussing crucial questions such as:  

  • Why carry out a thorough diagnosis of your processes?  
  • How can you identify the areas for improvement specific to your organisation?   
  • What challenges does automation address?  
  • What are the key criteria for a good automation solution?   


Watch our webinar now to unveil this concrete roadmap, bringing together the best practices for an in-depth analysis and optimisation of your accounting process! 


One hour can make all the difference.   



  • Assess your current processes
  • Define customised objectives
  • Master the essential selection criteria
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