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A GENai Reality Check? How Automation Creates Long-Term Value

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Tired of GENai this and GENai that?

GENai may be getting all the headlines, but when it comes to creating value in finance, process automation is king.


Every progressive finance team wants to create more value for its business, but value creation starts with automation in our transactional processes including AP, P2P and month end.


Do you want to make changes or add value to your role, team or business? Join GENCFO talks and hear from progressive leaders who are transcending traditional financial reporting to become architects of value.  Embedding data driven insights and strategic thinking into every decision.


In this edition of GENCFO talks we will discover the toolsmindset and approaches needed to make this critical shift from figures and finance to vision and value.

Join Chris Argent, Founder & MD at GenCFO, Mark Laine-Toner, Finance Director at Evri, Sarah Hulme, CFO at SkyNet Worldwide Express UK and Shelsea Adrian, AP automation expert to discover : 

  • How value creation is driving change in finance:  Discover how to embed value creation in every aspect of your financial operations, transforming the finance function from a cost centre to a value hub.

  • Why automation is critical to value creation: See real-world use cases highlighting the tangible benefits automation brings to finance.

  • How do we cut through the hype and use tech to drive value creation: Let's cut through the hyperbole and explore the best tech available to automate your processes and create business value!



  • Real-world use cases for automating AP and month-end
  • How to transform your finance function from a cost centre to a value hub
  • The exact apps & tech you need to automate your processes
  • How to embed value creation throughout your financial operations
  • Q&A
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