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Finance decision makers - How to automate your entire purchase to payment processes for enhanced business performance. In association with Fexco

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About the Webinar

Financial Leaders: Discover how the Yooz & Fexco partnership will provide you with a unique, automated, end-to-end invoice and payment processing solution.

  • Fed up with manual invoice processing?
  • Concerned with the security of your multibank transfers and global payments operations?
  • Not sure of the accuracy and integrity of your overall accounts payable processes?
  • Are manual tasks putting your business at risk?

Fexco and Yooz help you solve these daily challenges smoothly and efficiently. 


Fexco, a premier payment solution, and Yooz, the Cloud AP Automation specialist, have combined their expertise, providing unparalleled AI-powered automation and extreme simplicity in an all-in-one secure purchase-to-pay platform. This unique blend of solutions allows you to automate both invoice processing and global payments operations while integrating into over 200 accounting and ERP software programs worldwide: 

  • Automate global payments with 99%+ Straight Through Processing (STP) rates,
  • Automate over 80% of all invoices and reduce invoice processing time and costs,
  • Automatically communicate payment status to suppliers,
  • Avoid errors, fraud risks, duplicate payments and much more.

In this webinar, watch a live demo and see how you can overcome your accounts payable challenges easily and quickly from purchase to payment. 


In this webinar replay, Find out:

  • The role of the CFO now and in the future
  • Risks of keeping your manual processes
  • How automating your ENTIRE P2P process can help you prevent these risks and have time to play the strategic role you are required to.
  • Online live demonstration
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