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Why automation of the finance function is vital for SME success!

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About the Replay

Financial leaders: Finance automation is key to success for SME

32% of SMEs still rely on manual accounting processes, leading to errors, time wasted, costly delays, fraud risks and much more. As 80% of SMEs have seen their revenues decline due to the effects of Covid-19, adapting to keep businesses profitable is essential.


Automating Accounts Payable (AP) processes is an effective way of reducing back-office costs. Historically the technology needed to automate AP has been designed for larger corporate clients, leaving SMEs, with limited options.


Yooz, the Cloud AP Automation specialist, and Fexco, a premier payment solution, bring an automated AP solution specific to the needs of SMEs with robust cost-reducing and control-enhancing features designed for the requirements of a mid-sized company.


In this webinar hosted by IBEC /SFA, join Yooz and Fexco to discover how:

  • Manual AP processes lead to errors and higher costs for SMEs and what you can do to solve this
  • Payments fraud is a continuing concern for SMEs and the steps your business can take to protect itself
  • Your business can benefit from tighter controls, streamlined approvals, strategic payments, and real-time access to transactional data.
  • A live demo of Yooz and Fexco offers you the smartest, easiest and most powerful solution to use.



  • Why you absolutely need to avoid the risks associated with manual AP.​
  • AP Automation: your top ally to increase productivity, cut costs, and avoid risks.
  • Online live demonstration of Yooz & Fexco
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