Accounts Payable Metrics That Nowadays Matter

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What does Accounts Payable look like in 2021?

The events of 2020 changed how most companies do business and this had a significant impact on the Accounts Payable (AP) processes of the Finance departments across all industries. Recent research conducted by Ardent Partners has identified a number of pain points in the invoice and payment processes of businesses in today's environment including:

  • - Changes in payment of vendors and suppliers
  • - Changes in the perceived value of AP 
  • - Length of invoice and Payment approvals
  •  - Cost and time spent processing manual payments
  • - And more

How do Finance leaders become best-in-class in the coming years? Partner with a best-in-class AP automation solution. 


Learn more about how AP automation is taking Finance departments to the next level in 2021 by reading our eBook.

AP Metrics that Matter in 2021 ebook
what does ap need to reach the next level of performance

How do Finance leaders become best-in-class in the coming years?

  • Lower invoice processing costs
  • Faster invoice processing times
  • Lower invoice exception rates
  • Create a touchless processing workflow
  • Utilize electronic payments
  • Use electronic invoicing
  • Implement a full P2P automation process
  • Track AP data and intelligence
  • Share with your networks