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How to "Yooz" the Most Advanced, Real-Time AP Automation Solution on the Market

Tuesday, November 23rd

11:00AM (CST)

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About the Live Demo

Join us as our AP automation specialist demonstrates the advanced features of Yooz Rising!

Ready to see the Yooz difference?

We know you're busy so we'll keep it quick and to the point!


In this 30 minute product demonstration by one of our AP automation specialists you will see first-hand how you can achieve hands-free invoice processing with our complete end-to-end solution that uniquely leverages AI to deliver an amazing level of automation in the most intuitive experience on the market.


Yooz Rising is the most automated and real-time solution with the most advanced AP features in an all-in-one platform to provide your business with the easiest and fastest invoice and payment processing. 



  • What is Yooz and how will it solve my AP process pain points?
  • Live demonstration of the top features and benefits of the Yooz platform
  • Q&A
  • Share with your networks