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IOFM Demo Day

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About the webinar

Are you ready to automate the entire AP process from purchase to payment in the easiest-to-use invoice and payment automation platform? 


Join Yooz CEO Laurent Charpentier as he takes you through a step-by-step product demo of how Yooz, with the addition of the new YoozPay feature, will allow your organization to achieve hands-free invoice and payment processing with our complete end-to-end solution that uniquely leverages AI and a BPMN2 standard-based workflow to deliver flexibility, security, and an amazing level of automation in the most intuitive experience on the market. 

Keep your AP process moving with complete visibility and accessibility anytime, anywhere thanks to the Yooz cloud-based automation solution.  

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What You Will Discover in this Demo:

  • Advanced invoice capture and real-time processing – no more paper or manual data entry and reduced error and fraud risks
  • Unique BPMN2 standard-based workflow – the most automated and flexible workflows and even touchless invoice processing
  • All-in-one intuitive cloud-based AP automation solution – automating the entire P2P process from purchase to payment in one platform
  • Generate revenue with in-app digital invoice payments – get cash back with the easiest automated digital invoice payment workflow
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