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Why Unlimited Attachments are Essential for Great AP Automation

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About the webinar

Don’t let limited attachment capability slow you down anymore.

Only with Yooz can you add as many attachments as you want, in any format you have.  With Yooz you can attach any supporting document needed, at any point in your AP process, as easily as you attach documents to your emails.  There is no simpler way to add full documentation, visibility and traceability to your PR process. 


Join our webinar for a look into our powerful AP automation platform. Come see for yourself how our solution empowers your team with more speed and visibility than ever before.  


In this demo you’ll see how to: 

  • Add an unlimited number of documents and file formats of attachments at any point in the AP process: purchase requisition, PO, invoice, etc.  
  •  See a detailed view and automatic audit trail of attachments so you never sacrifice visibility and transparency 
  • Easily find attachments through any keyword-based or multicriteria search  



  • High level refresh of AP Automation Best Practices
  • Product Feature: Attachment Module walk-thru
  • Demo of the Yooz platform featuring configuration and real-case electronic invoice processing examples
  • Q&A
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