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Redefining the role of CFO: Introducing the CVO

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About the webinar

2024 is the continuation of an era where disruptive technologies and globalization are the new normal and agility and transparency are non-negotiable aspects of finance operations. The traditional role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is therefore rapidly and profoundly evolving. Amid this sea of changes, a new paradigm is emerging: the Chief Value Officer (CVO). 


This shift in the traditional role requires a forward-thinking mindset, an understanding of how to leverage technology and an ability to navigate the complex terrain of digital transformation to drive business performance.


Automation is a major factor in this transition. Nothing is coming off the plate of the CFO so join us on April 11th to learn more about the implications of this evolution and ways to embrace it without taking on the burden of a full finance transformation.  Find the low-hanging fruit that can get you started or continue your journey without major disruption. 



  • The changing financial landscape & evolution of the finance leader’s role
  • A new skill set for the modern CFO to address new challenges
  • Automation as a quick win to transition from CFO to CVO
  • Tips and tools from your peers
  • Q&A
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