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How Real-Time Data Can Drive Strategic Financial Decisions in 2023

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About the webinar

Accelerate data-driven decisions based on real-time insights that only AP P2P automation can provide.

In 2023 Finance and Accounting leaders need to be in the driver’s seat of their data collection and analysis to make strategic financial decisions for their organization. Complete P2P AP automation fuels financial decisions with real-time and accurate data to make the right decisions at the right time.  


Stop wasting hours with inefficient manual data collection processes that are error ridden and full of risks.  


Buckle up and join Yooz to learn how to automate the entire AP process to eliminate manual errors, speed up reporting, increase visibility, and use real-time data to drive financial decisions in 2023. Accelerate your purchase-to-pay process and make real-time data driven decisions today! 


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  • Fuel financial decisions with accurate and efficient data collection
  • Map the best route for your organization with real-time data
  • Take the wheel of your financial decisions with real-time P2P automation
  • Q&A
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