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The State of Automation in Finance 2023: Leading Through Instability

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About the webinar

A discussion on how finance leaders can have a positive impact among instability

48% of financial decision makers believe communication and problem-solving abilities are the most critical qualities for a CFO to embody in 2023.

In this webinar, Yooz Chief Sales Officer, Cody Manning and IOFM Director, Josh Barrett discuss the current state of automation in finance and how the modern-day CFO can lead through unstable times based on the results of our annual international survey of over 1,500 financial professionals.  

Learn what skills are crucial for finance leaders to refine, how they can empower their business with best-in-class financial technology, and what is essential for attracting and keeping top Financial and Accounting talent in 2023.  

Join us for this exclusive look into understanding the opinions, challenges, and opportunities CFOs and financial decision makers must face in 2023.  


Agenda checklist

  • Top priorities for Accounts Payable in an unstable time
  • Supporting business resilience using latest financial technologies
  • Essentials for revitalizing talent acquisition & retention in 2023
  • Q&A
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