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Race Past Top Hurdles in 2022 for a Gold Medal AP Performance Thanks to Top-tier Automation

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How top-tier AP automation will lead you to victory in 2022

According to our recently released international survey “The State of Automation in Finance: 2nd Edition” there are 4 top hurdles AP teams must overcome in 2022:

• Attracting and retaining top talent
• Ability to work efficiently remotely
• Strengthening cyber security
• Increasing operational productivity

In this webinar learn how you can soar past these top AP hurdles for a gold medal performance this year thanks to the smartest, most powerful, and easiest-to-use cloud-based invoice and payment automation solution.

Join Yooz AP automation expert Jonathon Barnett as he coaches you to a gold medal finish in 2022 and beyond.



  • The Race to Automate Accounts Payable
  • Top AP Hurdles in 2022
  • Gold Medal Finish for Your AP Process: A First Place Automation Platform
  • Q&A
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