"Create a Paperless Profit Center Thanks to Complete AP Automation"

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About the Webinar

The automotive industry can now create a completely paperless P2P process automating the entire invoice and payment workflow.

The time is now to automate the entire invoice and payment process for the automotive industry.

The most powerful Accounts Payable (AP) automation solutions enable complete elimination of paper invoices, checks, and all the pain points associated with them while allowing the AP department the opportunity to earn cash back.


In this webinar Yooz AP automation expert Mark Membreno will show you with Yooz client success stories and a quick product demo the real-life benefits of complete AP automation for the automotive industry and how to select your P2P automation solution to help you turn your AP processing to a profit center for your organization.



  • Why it’s time to automate the entire AP process now
  • Pain Points of Paper Invoices and Payments for the Automotive Industry
  • Key Features Necessary When Transforming to Paperless AP Automation
  • Benefits of Paperless P2P Automation for the Automotive Industry
  • A Quick Demo of Yooz for the Automotive Industry
  • Q&A for the AP automation expert
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