"How to Successfully Manage the Digital Transformation of the AP Process"

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Cash flow management is key to business success. Everybody knows it, but getting there…? We can help

As the recent crisis proved, digitalized finance departments – those with modern invoice AP automation – are the most agile in keeping service continuity and optimizing their business. However, businesses may still be reluctant to implement digital solutions because they fear a costly, complex, and lengthy process. Or they fail because they ignore the human factor.


How do you make the process easier? How to address employee concerns? What steps will help make your process a success?

After this webinar you will be able to:

• Find solutions to your daily challenges.

• Overcome obstacles to working remote.

• Discover ways to dispel concerns & obtain stakeholder buy in

• Learn key tools and insights to make your digital transformation a success.

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  • Why is “digital transformation” so complicated?
  • 4 Key elements of change management for the digital transformation of the AP process
  • Q&A
  • Share with your networks