A Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind with AP Automation

How overcoming fear of what is unknown about AP automation can result in a positive encounter of the “fourth kind.”

Press Clipping

Published April 24, 2019

Close Encounters of the Third Kind is a classic movie and well-known by most (even those who aren’t quite old enough to remember when it first came out or saw it on the big screen).

We think there are a few parallels we can draw between the movie’s plot involving encounters with beings from another planet and automated invoice processing (AP) and payment systems. Fear of the unknown, for one. How the Cloud plays a big part, for another. And technological superiority as a third.

This article by Yooz COO and chief innovation officer, Laurent Charpentier, and recently published in Accounting Today, goes into detail about each of these comparisons, illustrating how exciting a close encounter of the “fourth kind” can be for your AP department.

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