AP Automation: Where Transparency and Security Converge

Today’s finance leaders are finally embracing automation, according industry reports. If you are not one of them, you likely will be soon.

Press Clipping

Published May 30, 2019

The benefits of AP automation are clear. Increased efficiencies and better staff productivity are cited as among the biggest benefits in this same report. The question is, for those companies that have not already digitized, why not? Fear of change or the unknown, maybe. Budget restrictions (or so you may think), another.

Concerns about security? Definitely. There might appear to be a disconnect between what many AP automation providers boast as a solution that is both transparent and secure. Actually, transparency and security overlap more than you think when it comes to cloud-based AP automation.

In this article, published to the Sage Intacct blog site, learn how your AP automation system can, and should, be as transparent as it is secure.

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