Ardent Partners FinTech Influencer Series: Laurent Charpentier, Yooz Inc. COO and Chief Innovation Officer

Ardent’s FinTech Influencer Series highlights innovative voices in the world of Accounts Payable (“AP”) automation.

Press Clipping

Published July 10, 2019

In this Ardent Partners FinTech Influencer Series feature, Yooz COO and Chief Innovation Officer Laurent Charpentier reveals his perspective, insight, and predictions about the ePayables Market:


  • A brief overview about Yooz and a personal account of the history of the company


  • State of the ePayables market today based on industry research and client feedback


  • What technologies, trends, and innovations we should be paying attention to now and in the future


  • How the market/industry has changed in the past five years and what it will look like five years from now


  • As a leading FinTech solution provider, how we continue to innovate and provide a cutting-edge solution to our customers


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