Close Encounters of the AP Automation Kind

Close Encounters of the Third Kind is a classic movie and well-known by most (even those who aren’t quite old enough to remember when it first came out or saw it on the big screen)

Press Clipping

Published March 05, 2019

But for those that aren’t familiar with the film, here’s a brief synopsis: The movie involves two parallel story lines, one about a group of research scientists from a variety of backgrounds who are investigating the strange appearance of items in remote locations, primarily desert regions, and using music to communicate back and forth with unknown beings. The other involves an unrelated man and woman in the small town of Muncie, Indiana, who each have a strange encounter with an unidentified object that they can’t explain. The story progresses from there towards a meet-up with actual beings from outer space at the end.

There are a few parallels we can draw between the movie and automated invoice and payment processing (AP) systems. Think that’s a stretch? Let’s see!

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