Cloud AP Automation: Where Transparency and Security Intersect

For companies that have not already automated their AP workflows, why? Concerns about security? It is possible to have both a secure and transparent solution.

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Published April 25, 2019

For those companies that haven’t yet automated their invoice and payment processing workflows, the question is, why not? Fear of change or the unknown may be one reason. Budget restrictions (or so they think), another.

Concerns about security? Definitely.

There might appear to be a dichotomy between what many providers boast as an AP automation solution that is both transparent AND secure.  But actually, transparency and security overlap more than you think…when it comes to today’s intelligent AP automation solutions powered by AI with machine-learning capabilities that actually get smarter with every transaction.

In a recent article published to the Financial Executives International website, you’ll learn about how these two critical aspects of a cloud-based AP automation solution work together perfectly for a transparent and secure invoice and payment processing workflow.

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