Debunking the Myths of Optical Character Recognition

OCR: Another one of those technical buzzwords that we’re hearing a lot about these days. It’s of particular interest in FinTech (another new buzzword that stands for ‘financial technology’) and even more specifically in accounts payable. But what is it? More importantly what isn’t it? And how does it make a difference in the AP workflow?

Press Clipping

Published August 13, 2018 - Sage Intacct blog

OCR stands for optical character recognition. It is the mechanical or electronic conversion of images of typed, printed, or even handwritten text, into machine-encoded text. The text can come from a scanned document, a photo of a document, a scene-photo (for example the text on signs and billboards in a landscape photo), or from subtitle text superimposed on an image (like from a television broadcast).

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