Different (Automation) Strokes for Different Folks: Procurement, Payments, and Invoice Processing Automation

Automating the invoice processing and payment (AP) workflow is becoming a top priority for today’s finance leaders, and for good reason:

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Published March 14, 2019 - Sage Intacct

Highly automated accounts payable departments process invoices faster, more accurately, with better control, and at a lower cost than their peers that are still using a manual, paper-laden process.

But many organizations miss out on the full benefits of automation because they pick the wrong technology, or they take the wrong approach to deploying technology. A contributing factor is that ‘procurement automation,’ ‘payments automation,’ and ‘invoice payment or AP automation’ are sometimes used interchangeably and there seems to be a lack of clarity about how to differentiate the three.

Read this article, published to the Sage Intacct blog, where we try to shed some light on the topic.