2022 AP Pulse on the Mid-Market and the Future of ePayables

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Research from Ardent Partners Annual Benchmarking of the AP Market.

81% of MME leaders predict more automation across AP processes over the next two years in addition to digitally transformed payment processes (53%).

Thanks to Ardent Partners’ decade of research, we have a compilation of knowledge and benchmarks on AP for the mid-market enterprise (MME) for a pulse on the market today and a look into where AP is going in the future.


69% of MMEs say smarter systems are the key to AP success in 2022.


Reserve your exclusive spot at our live, interactive webinar where the Vice President of Research for Ardent Partners, Bob Cohen, presents the latest findings on the pulse of AP for MMEs, the top ePayables technology investments for 2022, a look at what AP looks like in the coming years, and answers all of your questions about the pulse on the AP market.


To get the most out of this interactive webinar we encourage you to download your copy of Ardent Partners’ recent research “AP Pulse on the Mid-Market in 2022” eBook here.


About Ardent Partners

Ardent Partners is a research and advisory firm focused on defining and advancing the procurement and financial operations strategies, processes, and technologies that drive Best-in-Class performance and accelerate organizational transformation.

Bob Cohen, VP of Research & Marketing - Ardent Partners


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