How to Choose the Right AP Automation Solution

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Presented by Major Bottoms, Research Consultant at Levvel

How to Choose the Right AP Automation Solution

Companies have been moving from time-consuming, error-ridden manual invoice and payment (AP) processes to a partial or fully automated workflow. And the trend is continuing in 2020. But one thing that stood out in an independent study by Levvel Research is that back-office professionals lack sufficient education on AP Automation. 


This webinar gives you the important trends in AP Automation and key things that finance leaders should consider when investigating solution providers.


Webinar based on the 2020 Payables Report by Levvel

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What you will learn:

  • The current & future state of the AP software market
  • The top pain points associated with a manual AP process
  • What are the criteria to select a modern cloud-based tool?
  • How to be prepared to investigate a potential AP automation solution?
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