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How to Waste Your AP Budget: A Cautionary Tale

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A Cautionary Tale By Mark Brousseau

Don’t squander your accounts payable automation budget!

Automation is the top priority of accounts payable in 2019, IOFM reports. And for good reason:  Highly automated accounts payable departments process invoices faster, more accurately, and with better control and at a lower cost than their peers that have little or no automation.  But that doesn’t mean these benefits are a slam dunk.  Many organizations miss out on the full benefits of automation because they pick the wrong technology, or they take the wrong approach to deploying technology. 

mark brousseau

During this webinar, Mark Brousseau, joined by Yooz subject matter experts, will:

  • Detail the latest benchmark data on the benefits of accounts payable automation
  • Reveal the most common mistakes that accounts payable departments make when automating
  • Provide an action plan for achieving the full benefits of automation
  • Share case study examples of organizations that have successfully put the strategies we will share to work
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