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AP Pulse on the Mid-Market in 2023

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Yooz sponsored eBook by Ardent Partners Research

How does your AP process measure up to the pulse of the mid-market in 2023?

  • Average cost to manually process an invoice is $12.98 
  • Average time to manually process an invoice is 14.4 days 
  • Nearly ¼ of all invoices process require exception handling due to bad or missing data 

Ardent Partners Research has conducted more Accounts Payable (AP) market research than any other firm or consultancy in the industry over the last decade and benchmarked thousands of distinct mid-market enterprises (MME) across all phases of its proprietary ePayables framework.  


Curated by Ardent Partners’ market-leading research team, this eBook draws on data from the marketplace and is a compilation of knowledge and benchmarks needed by mid-market enterprises to gain key insights into accounts payable operations. This includes insight to the top priorities and challenges facing AP today.  


Download your free copy of our ebook “AP Pulse on the Mid-Market in 2023” and see where your organization stands and where AP is heading in future. 


About Ardent Partners 

Ardent Partners is a research and advisory firm dedicated to defining and advancing procurement and financial operations strategies, processes, and technologies. Their research drives Best-in-Class performance and accelerates organizational transformation. 

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Laptop showing top considerations when using AP automation

Top AP Challenges:

  • Long Invoice & Payment Approval Times
  • Invoice Expectations
  • Lack of Visibility Into Invoice and Payment Data
  • High Invoice Processing Costs
  • Fraud Attacks
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