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Why U.S. AP Leaders Shouldn't Wait for Electronic Invoicing

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About the Whitepaper

How Finance Departments Can Achieve Full Automation Regardless of How They Receive Invoices

Imagine an environment where buyers and sellers do business electronically, without paper invoices:
  • No more printing, stuffing and mailing paper invoices
  • No opportunities for invoices to become lost or delayed in the mail
  • No more guessing whether buyers received an invoice
This is the promise of electronic invoicing. 

But after years of discussion, electronic invoicing has made only marginal inroads in the United States. What gives?

And how can accounts payable leaders optimize their operations while they wait for electronic invoicing to achieve broader adoption in the United States?
This whitepaper answers these questions! 

Why US Leaders

This whitepaper:

  • Examines the unrealized potential of electronic invoicing
  • Answers the question about why the reluctance to adopt electronic invoicing
  • Explains how cloud-based best-of-breed solutions enable accounts payable departments to attain full automation and all of the financial and productivity benefits that go along with it
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