From Artificial Intelligence to Financial Intelligence

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How will AI shape tomorrow's finance department?

Defined as being the fourth industrial revolution, Artificial Intelligence (AI) fascinates and also raises questions, concerns and excitement. It is widely present in our personal lives and in the business environment. In particular it has made its way into finance departments.

As finance leaders, you might ask yourselves, how do these technologies impact finance functions and workflows? What transformations can be predicted? How will this technology shape tomorrow’s finance department? And you are certainly wondering about ways to apply AI in your day-to-day work activities.

AI continues to be a subject of debate and speculation, fear and fascination, and definitely raises a lot of questions. This whitepaper aims to explain clearly how artificial intelligence applies to financial and accounting processes, and its predictable effects.

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In this white paper, Yooz thought leaders explore:

  • Origins of AI and an overview of other emerging technologies, such as optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning
  • The future of accounts payable and leveraging AI to automate financial processes
  • Smart automation and the positive impact on finance processes
  • How intelligent AP automation powered by AI ensures the mitigation, even elimination, of finance workflow challenges and leads to real profits
  • The transition of finance teams from being task-oriented to making more value-added contributions to the entire organization.
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