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Game of Fraud: Return of the CFO

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About the Whitepaper

How secure is your finance department?

Security is a topic that continues to be more and more critical in today’s world of ongoing digital transformation. But the warning lights are flashing red at many companies: The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners reports that U.S. businesses will lose an average of five percent of their gross revenues to fraud.


This same 2018 report reveals that private companies and small business rank highest in occupational fraud frequency at 42 percent and a median loss of $164,000 compared to large corporations, government and non-profits.


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In this whitepaper, we explore:

  • How today’s CFO is going to be effective in leading the fight against fraud by adapting their defenses to face new and more aggressive forms of fraud and fraudsters who are better organized and more technologically proficient than ever.
  • Three things that CFOs should be asking themselves…and answering.
  • Identifying types of fraud and the risks associated with each.
  • The seven key things finance leaders can do to help mitigate, even prevent, fraud and other types of breaches.
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