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2021 Levvel Payables Insight Report

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Download the Whitepaper

A Buyer's Guide to Accounts Payable Automation Software

Every back-office process has been forced to adjust to the COVID-19 global pandemic–especially Accounts Payable (AP), which plays a critical role in ensuring organizational financial wellbeing. Many companies were caught flat-footed, but others that manage their AP via automation software were able to ensure business continuity without skipping a beat. 

Choosing a tool after careful evaluation of the available software ensures organizations see benefits during and after the pandemic. But research shows that many companies only consider one or two solutions, which fails to consider the advantages different providers offer. While they all aim to automate the same process, providers have different focuses, which makes them suitable for different companies. But with so many options that pitch similar services, it can be tough to determine what to look for in a tool and find a match.

This report walks organizations through the process of examining their AP function, assessing available options for software, and presenting a buyer’s guide to companies considering automation.

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Levvel Report

Levvel Research's 2021 Payables Insight report presents:

  • Payables Across the Organization
  • Adopting and Optimizing AP Software
  • The Buyer's Guide
  • Introduction to Yooz, a smart, powerful, and easy to use cloud-based Procure-to-Pay (P2P) automation solution
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