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Yooz Client Success Story - Silverware

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Business: Silverware

Location: Phoenix, AZ & Seattle, WA

Industry: Business Management Services

ERP/Accounting Software: Sage Intacct

yooz ap automation solution for business consultants and financial services 1056x566


Combines service-oriented people with innovative technology.



Offers Silverware’s clients the ability to consolidate invoices across multiple entities.



Serves as an extension of Sage Intacct products through a prebuilt API integration.


Client Focused

Approaches each project with, “What can we do to improve our client’s experience?”


Trust & Reliability

Provides ongoing consulting and support before, during, and after the sale.

Why Silverware Trusts Yooz As a Strategic Business Partner


Silverware works with multi-location medical practices, franchisors/franchisees, multi-entity companies, not-for-profit organizations, subscription-based businesses, and professional services companies in the mid-market (up to $100M). Because multi-entity is a focus for Silverware and the Intacct ERP it represents, Yooz is a perfect fit for clients that require an invoice and payment processing (AP) automation solution and serves as a seamless extension of Intacct’s native AP functionality.
“We appreciate and trust that Yooz is driving a successful implementation and providing the post-sale service that is in perfect alignment with what we at Silverware strive to provide our clients,” says David Thikoll, Silverware Director of Business Development.
The first indication of just how well the Yooz solution would benefit its clients was with Team Select Home Care, a multi-entity, multi-location home healthcare company that is pioneering data-driven methods of reducing re-hospitalizations and driving superior clinical outcomes. “Our initial goal was for Silverware to help our accounting team transition from QuickBooks to Intacct,” says Laurel Bennett, AP Manager, Team Select. “But when they discovered that what we needed first was to solve for the pain points associated with our manual and chaotic AP workflow, they recommended we start with Yooz to get control of payment approvals and implement Intacct in the second phase. Initially, we integrated Yooz with QuickBooks.” During the Sage Intacct implementation, Silverware helped them realign Yooz with the Sage Intacct ERP. “The seamless integration of the two has proven to be the foundation of Team Select’s agile business management solution,” added Bennett.
Download the Success Story
“One of the strengths that Yooz has is the unique ability to work in a multi-entity environment. It’s a big deal for us at Silverware and the clients we serve!”

Nancy McCarthy

Practice Manager—Sage Intacct

Silverware’s Clients and the Yooz Solution: A Perfect Fit


  • Early on in the discovery process with a new client, the team at Silverware determines how it can help address the workflow challenges of shortening invoice processing time and allowing AP teams to do more with less.
  • AP professionals today are interested in AP automation. Silverware clients are thrilled to learn about the Yooz AP automation solution as an extension of Sage Intacct products through a seamless API integration.
  • Yooz delivers its cloud-based AP automation solution at a reasonable price point and customers always get what they are promised.

"Yooz has never made any promises that we couldn’t deliver on, unlike many other providers. They offer a complete end-to-end solution at a very attractive price point relative to competitive solutions.”

- David Thikoll, Silverware Director of Business Development

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