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Yooz Rising, the most advanced P2P and AP automation solution in the market!

Yooz Rising is our ground-breaking new user experience that utilizes top smart technologies to deliver the most powerful and most intuitive real-time Accounts Payable (AP) automation solution on the market completely customized to fit your businesses needs.

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Our Ambition

With Yooz Rising, we deliver the highest ROI in the most powerful P2P automation solution on the market:

  • Highest Productivity: the most intuitive and modern user experience
  • Best Technology: unique technological improvements driving the best real-time automation 
  • AP Optimized: most powerful new AP and P2P-specific features
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The Most Intuitive and Modern User Experience on the Market​

  • Responsive design for use with any device
  • "My Tasks" acting as a personal activity dashboard​ 
  • Customizable interface (themes, visual components, document and data layout) ​
  • MyYooz "white label" option to customize your own application ​ 
  • Get the latest Yooz Insider News directly on your application home page​ 
  • Embedded user assistance tools (chat, product tour, help center, …) ​ 
  • Introducing YoozUniversity: user enablement & training services added to the Yooz Insider Program​
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Unique Technological Improvements Driving the Best Real-Time Automation

  • Automated document batch split w/o pre-sorting, and with user-friendly visual validation​
  • Organizational unit automated identification​
  • Higher smart data extraction performance, the best on the market​
  • Automated document type identification​
  • Drag & drop to capture documents​
  • Most powerful approval workflow inspired from BPMN2 standards (parallel routing …) ​
  • Ability to expand automation to other business processes with the same level of simplicity​
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Most Powerful New AP and P2P-Specific Features

  • Multi-tenant access for Yoozers managing multiple applications​
  • Enhanced accounting features including tax management, automated allocations, multi-ledger, accounting period, etc…​
  • User-friendly and comprehensive audit trail​
  • Multi-currency: automated refresh of exchange rates​
  • Real-time visualization of accounting entries generated by your connector​
  • Enhanced delegations:​ a unique approach allowing you to share master data for a quicker start
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How Yooz Rising Stands Out From Competitors:
Intelligent Workflows to Automate Your Approvals and Payments
Capture All Your Invoices in One Place
All Documents Stored Securely in the Cloud

Enjoy the Highest Level of Compliance and Fraud Free Documents


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