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How to Handle the Departure of an Employee from the Accounting Team

by Yooz on 03.24.2020

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Unfortunately, time does not stop or even pause when a team member leaves a company. The calendar relentlessly advances towards the end of the month. Clients get restless, suppliers grow impatient, administrative authorities are inflexible, and obligations must be respected, especially when it comes to accounting.


1. Challenges related to Hiring.

Most SMEs today encounter difficulties hiring new employees and find it difficult to cover specialised positions during long-term absences such as for sick leave or maternity leave, or definitive departures due to resignation or retirement. Ideal candidates are rare. Applicants may not have the ideal profile, notably with respect to the tools they use, and transition periods tend to keep shrinking, if they exist at all!


There is thus a real risk for the company to depend excessively on a single person whose departure or prolonged absence could create a delicate situation. Faced with the need to ensure continuity in the accounting department, whatever happens, one solution is to leverage the most ergonomic and intuitive tools possible.


2. Technology tools that enable people to be operational their first day on the job!

When they recognize usage patterns that are similar to their usual applications, new staff members or interim internal staff can more easily become familiar with current files, receive alert notifications about emergencies for priority handling, be assisted and guided when performing tasks, and generally become operational as of their first day on the job.

Digitalisation enables a novice user to quickly and easily recognize necessary items without having to waste time learning an obsolete paper-based filing system. With minimal technical training, the transition can focus more on business aspects such as company policy concerning key suppliers. Not only does this make it faster for people to get up to speed, but it reduces any negative impact on quality, efficiency, and security.


In the end, acquiring an easy-to-use digitalisation solution is not only a factor for increased productivity in the accounting department, but also a precautionary measure with respect to inevitable staff challenges.


For the brand Five Guys France, the Yooz AP Automation solution was quickly adopted by the entire accounting department. Frédéric Garo, Finance Manager, says:


“A user-friendly interface and ease-of-use that enables us to be efficient. Our new accounts payable manager was 100% operational after just one day of set up and training.”