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Accounts Payable Automation

Level Up Your Sage 200cloud Abilities Using Invoice Automation

by Yooz the 03.8.2021


Having an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in place can be an important factor in gaining control over your business, allowing you to manage and share key business information across a company using a single integrated system. The area itself doesn't matter, from stock management to customer service to finance the ERP helps companies increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve profits. Although many ERPs already offer some form of an Accounts Payable (AP) module, taking it a step further and seamlessly pairing the ERP with a dedicated AP Automation with Sage solution? This will deliver a powerful holistic digital experience that offers a long-term competitive advantage.

The reason for this is that an ERP system is a generalist, helping to cover all kinds of operations. A dedicated AP automation platform is laser-focused, giving you complete control over invoice management processing both with respect to associated risks (fraud, disputes, and non-conformities) as well as intrinsic costs related to productivity. When correctly paired with an ERP it will provide additional benefits and advantages that extend the functionality of the ERP accounting system and workflow.

The question is, which AP automation solution will best maximise your benefits


Automation with your ERP


The same careful research that was done before investing in your chosen ERP should be used when selecting your automation platform. Performance, infrastructure security, achieved automation level are clearly among some of the top factors to consider as well as the solution's longevity and the provider's customer support ability. However, there is one factor in particular to evaluate first, above all the rest: will the solution integrate with your existing ERP system or accounting software.

This type of (existing) integration can save a huge amount of time when it comes to implementation and functionality. Indeed, it is also a prerequisite for ensuring data consistency across your overall information system. And, in the case where your company uses more specific or non-standard accounting software, the ability to easily develop customized connections and other custom features ensures that you never sacrifice the benefits of interoperability.


Yooz and Sage 200cloud take ERP integrations to a new level


Sage is an ERP solution designed for small to medium enterprises, offering multiple platforms including Sage 50, Sage 200, and Sage 200cloud. Each is aimed for different stages of business growth. For the ambitious business - the one targeting continual growth - Sage 200cloud is the perfect ERP solution.

Sage 200cloud offers extended benefits such as customization, business intelligence reporting, and unlimited transactional data capability. It also offers seamless integration with Yooz, the cloud-based Accounts Payable automation solution platform that delivers customized automation processes paired with unrivalled simplicity.

This automatic, seamless integration with your existing ERP system can save a huge amount of time. It is also a prerequisite for fulfilling the need for (paperless) data consistency from purchase to approval across your entire information system and organization, regardless of the transaction.


How can Yooz help you integrate invoices automatically in Sage 200cloud?


The partnership between Yooz and Sage 200cloud is a transparent coexistence, particularly when it comes to exporting data. It allows Yooz to automatically record invoices and export the data directly to Sage 200cloud. The Yooz / Sage 200cloud connector also provides the following features:


  • Sage 200Cloud reference data synchronised in Yooz
  • Yooz accounting entries generated in Sage 200Cloud
  • Yooz payment orders generated in Sage 200Cloud
  • Sage 200Cloud payment status and accounting document numbers updated in Yooz


This level of feature ability saves previous time and improves productivity without requiring any prior configuration. All the typical roadblocks - routine, time consuming, and error-prone manual activities - are eliminated. In its place is the capability to deliver real-time reporting throughout the entire invoice process. This ability to gain visibility into any point in the payables process is invaluable to a growing business with an increasing number of suppliers.

Finally, thanks to the cloud, both Yooz and Sage 200cloud are designed to easily have the capability to scale alongside your business. This means that the seamless partnership between the two platforms will continue to support you alongside your entire business journey.


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    Discover Yooz the Best Accounts Payable Automation Solution for Sage Users

    Discover Yooz the Best Accounts Payable Automation Solution for Sage Users



    Discover Yooz the Best Accounts Payable Automation Solution for Sage Users